Ofsted Report


Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school
 Since the last inspection, good leadership by the headteacher has ensured that the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement have improved.
 The centre is very effective in re-engaging pupils who are most in need in learning and in helping them to manage their health problems. Parents value the centre highly; as one commented, ‘It’s been a godsend.’
 The staff know each pupil extremely well. They are adept in sensing pupils’ emotions and in knowing how to alleviate their concerns.
 Pupils gain significantly in confidence as a result of the support and encouragement of staff.
 Pupils behave well. They feel safe because of the nurturing, non-threatening atmosphere.
 Pupils’ attendance improves markedly. This is a significant achievement for many who have often not attended school for years.
 Staff skilfully tailor subject and support packages to meet pupils’ specific personal and academic needs. They are quick to adapt to pupils’ changing situations and to build on their interests and enthusiasms.
 Pupils make good progress over time. Some do remarkably well, reflecting an improvement in their mental and physical wellbeing.
 Pupils are carefully prepared for leaving the centre.
 In 2015, all Year 11 students left with at least one qualification and either took up a college place, an apprenticeship or employment.
 Safeguarding is of high quality. All staff are vigilant in identifying issues that affect each pupil’s progress and welfare.